10 Game-Changing Cars of 2013

In 2013, the automobile industry saw a revival in every way imaginable. The world’s top vehicle manufacturers hit home runs with new products while they opened factories and hired scores of new employees. For auto consumers, the introduction of game-changing vehicles is what made 2013 a year to remember. Here are the 10 cars that made the biggest mark, several of which were named finalists for North American Car of the Year.

2014-CLA-CLASS1. Mercedes CLA ($29,900)

When Mercedes (DDAIF.PK) decided to release a car south of the $30,000 mark, it sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Consumers have been happy to pick up the CLA without being branded as “entry-level” Benz buyers. While the long-term effects on the Mercedes brand can’t be quantified, this car was an undeniable disruptor in 2013. It was nominated for 2014 North American Car of the Year.