10 Most Popular Car Brands of 2013

The Google Trends tool tracks the search volumes of Internet users for any particular topic. Among queries for automakers in 2013, there were several top trenders that had no correlation to sales, while others equated directly to the impact on automobile consumers headed for dealers’ lots. Here are the 10 automakers that were the most popular in terms of attention online in 2013.

Mazda3 profile10. Mazda

The accolades are piling up for Mazda’s (MZDAF.PK) lineup of sporty, stylish, and affordable automobiles. Between the Mazda3 and Mazda6, there’s a lot to love about the automaker’s rides. Google searches for Mazda spiked considerably in 2013, especially for the Mazda3, making the company the tenth biggest trender online when compared to 2012 search data.