The 5 Best October Box Office Totals of All Time

Now that the month of October is behind us, Warner Bros.’ (NYSE:TWX) space epic Gravity has officially become the all time best-performing film in the month of October. In fact, Gravity’s October take of $206 million, led by impressive word of mouth and rave reviews, almost single-handedly elevated the overall October 2013 box office total to number five on the all time list of box office totals in the month of October.

However, when one looks at the October box office totals from years past, it becomes apparent that balance often trumps the success of one or two box office giants. Here’s a list of the five best box office totals for the month of October according to website Box Office Mojo and some of the films that got them there.

Gravity (2)

5. October, 2013 ($628,648,918)

Warner Bros.’ Gravity may have earned a hugely impressive $206 million in October, breaking all sorts of records along the way, but 2013′s October box office still barely managed to hit the top five all time. How is that possible? While Gravity proved to be a box office titan in the month of October, both in consistency and total gross, the rest of the October pack lagged behind Warner’s space epic.