6 Biggest Lottery Jackpots in History

The lottery has proven to be one of the most effective ways for state governments to raise funds. By offering a fun game that gives players a chance to win small and large sums of money, it’s certainly way more fun to buy lottery tickets than it is to pay taxes!

It’s especially entertaining when jackpots build up to record levels. Sure, it may be nice to win a few thousand bucks, and a cool million isn’t something that anyone would say no to, but what about $500 million? It’s sure a step up from being able to pay off a car loan or getting to go on a vacation; those sums of money are enough to provide for the rest of your life in luxury. It’s no wonder that ticket sales spike on the days before especially large drawings!

However, it takes a while for jackpots to build up to such high levels. Since the jackpot is added to by each ticket sale, the amount will rise exponentially; on the other hand, with so many people buying tickets, it’s more and more likely that someone will win. This makes it extremely unlikely that jackpots will get anywhere near the legendary $500 million mark seen only a handful of times in history. Let’s take a look at the six largest jackpots in lottery history.