The 6 Worst Things About Working for Google


Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) may be one of the most desirable employers to work for in the world. While there is awesome food, state-of-the-art facilities, and some of the most exciting technology on Google’s campus, there are also downsides to working for company.

In fact, there are many downsides, according to this Quora thread of responses to the question “What’s the worst part about working for Google?” Answers came from people who said they have worked for Google, claims that haven’t been independently verified. The responses below are six of the most common complaints respondents had about working for the tech behemoth.

facial expressions

6. Snobby co-workers

“Unfortunately, in spite of the common belief, I think the average level of Google engineers is mediocre. With a lot of arrogance, too. Everybody believes he (males dominate) is better than his neighbor. So it is really hard to discuss any issue unless it is your friend you are talking to. Objective discussions are pretty rare, since everybody’s territorial…”

“Everyone at Google wanted to be cool. Delivering quickly and effectively was not on anyone’s agenda. In other words, the engineers were pampered and customers were not taken sufficiently seriously.”