The 7 Cars Racing to Woo You This Fall

Once the summer discount season ends, automakers typically pull out their to-shelf rides and charge a premium for them. This year, there is a combination of high-priced and economical options that are going to woo car buyers in the fall. Here are the seven cars that will be turning heads from late summer until well into the autumn.

2014 4runner

7. 2014 Toyota 4 Runner

This ride might get its day in the sun before the fall, but Toyota’s (NYSE:TM) second-half release of the 2014 4Runner will be making an impact on the street throughout the autumn. Boasting the 4.0 L, 270 hp V6 engine that did so well in the previous model, the 4Runner features updates to the exterior and to the cabin of the SUV. Pricing will be close to the 2013 model, which starts around $31,000.