The 9 Greatest American Presidents


We’ve seen more than a few terrible presidents over the course of American history — and we’ve seen a good share of great ones as well. Ultimately, however, even the greatest presidents have their faults, and it’s pretty clear that some of the greatest presidents have enormous stains on their record. With that understood, here are nine of the more impressive presidential specimens — in no particular ranked order.

1. Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s name brings to mind almost immediately the cessation of slavery and the ultimate preservation of the United States union. He also deserves an enormous chunk of criticism — one The Daily Caller gladly doles out, citing his violation of the constitution and pointing out that he wasn’t a spotlessly moral anti-slavery proponent.

Even with all the tarnish liberally spread on his character, it cannot be denied that Lincoln was a power figure, with brave and bold political stances at a time when they were much needed. Could he have been braver, bolder, and all around better? Absolutely. Still, considering the period he lived in and the opinions that were commonplace at the time, we should be grateful it was him at the head — and not another.