The Clean 15: ‘Organic’ Label Doesn’t Really Matter With These Foods

Every year, the USDA tests produce for pesticide levels and the Environmental Wellness Group (“EWG”) publishes the Clean 15 list. Whereas the Dirty Dozen is a list outlining the 12 (plus two) fruits and vegetables you should be buying organic for the sake of your health (seriously), the Clean 15 is the opposite: a list of produce that doesn’t retain the pesticides sprayed on the crops and fields in conventional (non-organic) farming.

The EWG tests all produce how it is typically eaten, meaning that bananas are tested after being peeled and blueberries are tested after being washed. In fact, the Environmental Wellness Group makes it clear that all of their produce has been thoroughly washed before being tested.

Here’s where you can buy conventional produce to pinch pennies — without worrying about poisoning your family.