The Hottest Tech Stories Investors Must Know from the Week

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Google (NASDAQ:GOOG): Closing price $806.19

Inside sources say that Google’s Android division has been negotiating with music firms about launching a paid subscription music-streaming service similar to that of Spotify AB. The persons also related that Google’s YouTube video website is attempting to garner licenses from music labels through which to debut a paid subscription service for music videos and potentially for audio-only songs.

Google struggled against Spain’s data protection authority in Europe’s highest court on Tuesday in a case that will be monitored worldwide. This case asks one of the most profound questions of the Internet age – When is information really private? The dispute is fraught with complex arguments in regards to the right to protect data, freedom of information, what it means to be a publisher and who or what  polices the web. Google contends it should not be forced to delete lawful content which it did not create from its search index, but authorities in Spain say that the company should delete information from its results in the case of an individual’s privacy being breached.

On Tuesday, the Defense Department unveiled a new plan for stepping up the adoption of  both secure classified and unclassified mobile devices, along with applications. One component of the Department’s plan will be to shift away from its current BlackBerry standard and towards a more “platform agnostic” policy, integrating devices running Google’s Android operating system, as well as Apple’s iOS. A representative from the Department told AppleInsider that this does not mean a total abandonment of BlackBerry’s platform.

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