The New Corvette Stingray Sips Rather Than Swills


While one doesn’t buy a Ferrari for its gas mileage, it’s getting hard to say the same about the new C7 Corvette from Chevrolet, which is a division of General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM). In addition to its refreshed looks and new engine, the engineers at GM wanted to do away with one of the bigger gripes about high performance cars (aside from the price): the less than impressive record for sub-par fuel economy.

And do away with the complaints, the engineers did. While the new Corvette still sports an impressive 455 horsepower and 460 ft-lbs of torque, it also boasts a city economy rating of 17 miles per gallon, which is nothing to sneeze at. However, that number pales in comparison to the alleged 29 miles per gallon that the Corvette will return on the highway — at least according to EPA estimates.

“The Corvette Stingray establishes the benchmark for modern performance cars by using technologies to deliver more performance and more miles per gallon,” said Tadge Juechter, executive chief engineer for the Corvette, in the company’s press statement. “We expect more and more performance cars will follow Corvette’s example.”