The Next Step in McDonald’s Michigan Fiasco


Another issue has arisen in the lawsuit against McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) and a franchisee owner for failing to properly prepare food advertised as halal according to Islamic dietary guidelines. The incident took place in Dearborn, Michigan, where the only two McDonald’s that offer halal food are located. Both McDonald’s and certain members of the Muslim community in Dearborn are trying to settle the $700,000 lawsuit.

Ahmed Ahmed is the Dearborn Heights man who is representing the plaintiffs in the class action suit. It started when this man got a chicken sandwich from a McDonald’s in 2011, which he claims was not halal.

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Before that happens though, there is another issue to be settled in the lawsuit. This week, the fast food chain filed a motion for a judge to remove an injunction on a Dearborn lawyer, Majed Moughni, who criticized the settlement on Facebook, as well as running a Facebook page about the suit. Documents from the plaintiffs and the franchise owner were filed at the same time supporting McDonald’s own motion.

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