The Top 10 Brands in America Make Impressive Stock Gains

The health of the consumer is very questionable. The economy has since rebounded from the worst levels seen during the financial meltdown, but the recession is still alive and well for many Americans. As a result, consumers are more careful than ever about which brands receive their attention and dollars.

YouGov’s BrandIndex provides a measure of brand perception among the public and multiple sectors. It measures everything from word of mouth and general impression, to quality and purchase intent. The company interviews thousands of people from a panel of 2.5 million people online to collect information around the world. In the United States, consumers are favoring staples and technology-related brands.

Here’s a look at the top ten brands in America, according to YouGov’s BrandIndex. Not every brand is part of a publicly traded company, but many are, and they have outperformed the broad market this year.