5 Cool Cars Under $30,000 in 2014

As talk of electric vehicles and luxury brands dominates industry chatter, the affordable middle-range vehicles running on gasoline haven’t gotten their due. The following 2014 models are worth noticing and fall in the price range of $15,000 to $30,000, with plenty of extras included.


1. Mazda6 I Touring Sedan ($24,495) For a car whose styling has been compared (favorably) to a Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), the Mazda6 has a lot going for it at a starting price just under $25,000. The 2.5 L engine produces 184 hp for a car that weighs less than 3,200 pounds, and has gotten excellent reviews for its handling and fuel economy (38 highway mpg with a 6-speed automatic transmission). It’s a pleasure to look at, and you can get the middle line Touring Sedan loaded for under $30,000.