These Are the Latest Low-Cost iPhone Colors

Source: nowhereelse.frThe latest leaked image of Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) so-called low-cost iPhone reveals several plastic casing colors. A previous image showed iPhone shells in bright green, yellow, and red; the new image shows white and blue plastic casings.

Like the original leaked image, this latest photo also comes courtesy of French website Besides potentially revealing the colors of Apple’s budget iPhone, the photo also shows the interior metal substructure of the casings. Steve Hemmerstoffer at claims he was able to match up the holes on these casings to the attachment points found on a purported iPhone 5S motherboard previously leaked by the Japan-based retailer Moumantai.

Although it is interesting to point out the compatibility between these two separate leaks, it should be noted that neither of these components could be independently confirmed as genuine Apple products. In fact, speculates that these plastic casings may only be for a “vulgar Chinese copy.”