This iPhone App Could Help Save Your Eyesight

EyeSometimes it is easy to forget that beyond all the dross of video games, music, and other forms of entertainment content available on the iPhone, there are actually some apps for your smartphone that can make a real difference in someone’s life. A recently FDA-approved vision test developed by Vital Art and Science for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone is exactly that sort of program.

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Vital Art and Science has developed a software program called myVision Track that allows people with degenerative eye conditions to keep tabs on their eyesight at home with only their iPhone reports TUAW. Although the software does not replace a visit to the doctor, it does allow for someone with a degenerative eye disease to diagnose the progression of their vision loss so they know when to go to the doctor.

Mike Bartlett, a former Texas Instruments employee and current President of Vital Art and Science, demonstrates and discusses the software in the video below.

While it is not quite as fun as Angry Birds, this is an app that could literally help save your eyesight.

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