This Is What It Takes to Be an App Store Hit

App Store 2008What does it take to crack the top-ten rankings in Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store for the iPhone? A new study by app analytics company Distimo reveals that paid iPhone apps in the App Store need over 4,000 downloads a day in order to qualify for a position in the top ten. According to Distimo, the top ten grossing apps in the Apple App Store for iPhone during May 2013 generated an average of $47,000 a day.

Not surprisingly, it takes significantly more downloads to move up the free app rankings. It takes 70,000 free app downloads a day to qualify for the Apple App Store for iPhone top ten and 23,000 downloads a day to crack the top 50.

However, the bar for the top 50 paid app rankings is much lower. A paid app only needs about 950 downloads a day to qualify for a spot in the top 50. Distimo notes that there is a significant advantage for paid apps in the top ten spots since “these are the first apps that app store visitors will see.”