To Chew or Not to Chew? Exploring 5 Detoxifying Cleanses


Spring has not exactly sprung, but coming off an indulgent holiday season and heading into bathing suit season is the perfect recipe for spring cleaning fever — of the body, that is. January is a time during which consumers often feel the need to reset their bodies, and for many, that’s where body cleanses come in. The popularity of body cleanses is rising, and there are more varieties cropping up, appealing to different consumers everywhere. Though cleanses are certainly not for everyone and can be highly controversial, some people find success with the detoxes, and there is even some science behind their effectiveness.

According to LiveStrong.comcleanses help detoxify the various body systems and protect the organs from damage. The major detoxification systems of the body are the skin, liver, intestines, kidneys, and lungs: These systems are the most susceptible to free radicals and other harmful substances. Though the body is capable of eliminating toxins, those that are not removed can build up in tissues, and that’s where cleanses can come in. During periods of fasting and cleansing, the body is able to clean out its system without using digestive organs’ energy. Giving digestive systems a break can help bodies remain more efficient and keep away toxins. Coming off of cleanses, many consumers experience upswings in their energy levels, and their immune system functions are also expected to work better.

Some experts say that the theories behind body cleanses are mumbo jumbo, while others endorse them. Whether you’ve experienced in the cleanse department, want to give them a try, or are simply interested in the different varieties, here are the five most popular body cleanses at the moment. Cleanses usually vary from three to 10 days in length, but all experts encourage participants to do only what is right for them and to consciously listen to their bodies. And here’s a warning: Some cleanses are more serious than they appear.