Too Savvy, Too Soon? Ford Returns to Old-School Tech


After weathering a deluge of reports that knocked the MyFord Touch interface touchscreen system for its ease of use — or lack thereof — and in order to avoid another year of complaints, Ford (NYSE:F) will be adding knobs back to its dashboard, notably for tuning and volume.

Ford was one of the first automakers to install mobile-phone-based technologies, voice recognition, and touch screens in its vehicles. While the touchscreen interface provided a valuable selling point for the cars, Ford’s reputation for quality has slumped because of it, and the company is now backtracking to take a more analog route as part of its damage-control efforts.

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However, Ford maintains that customers prefer cars equipped with the MyTouch system over cars without, and is expected to release figures that show that 80 percent of its buyers choose Ford vehicles with the Sync or MyFord touch system and that the functions are one of the top reasons customers choose the vehicle.