Top 10 International News Stories of 2013

The year may not quite be over yet, but it’s certainly been a busy 2013 for the media already. There have been plenty of stories — both in the United States and abroad — that have warranted coverage. Plus, with social media activity reaching all-time highs, certain news has received an unprecedented audience, as well. Let’s take a look at 10 of the top international news stories of 2013. This list is not ranked.


1. Papal succession

When Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation — becoming the first pope to do so in hundreds of years — it took some time and the traditional set of ceremonies to find his replacement. His successor, Francis I, hails from Argentina, and he has already brought a fresh perspective to the papal office. Francis has proven to take the interests of many to heart, sometimes to the extreme, and he has come across as a more modern face to the church on many social issues that have brought controversy to Catholics across the globe in an era where progression has become publicly laudable.