Toyota Scores a Field Goal: 3 Million Sales of Iconic Prius

Toyota Prius

Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE:TM) has a lot to brag about with its three generations of Prius vehicles. Fuel efficiency, unyielding customer satisfaction, a continuous outpouring of new features: The automaker can tout its iconic car in a multitude of ways. And now, it has another stat to add to the lineup, because as of the end of June, Toyota officially sold more than 3 million units of its Prius vehicles worldwide.

While many automakers are still just dipping their toes in the hybrid waters, Toyota has dived right in. In 16 years, the carmaker has rolled out three generations of its originial Prius model, and the sales just keep on coming. The first Prius was released in 1997 and marked the first mass-production hybrid passenger car. The second generation followed six years later, in 2003, and saw distinction in a market that was still largely coveted but not inundated with hybrid models. The third-generation Prius was introduced in 2009, and its sales have already lapped its predecessor.

The latest model sold 1.7 million units in four years; the second-generation vehicle sold 1.2 million in eight years.