Travel Cheat Sheet: Know Your European Budget Airlines

Theologian St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” — keep in mind he lived from 354-430 AD. Thousands of years later, this statement continues to ring true, and travel is easier than ever. In celebration, we’ve rounded up some of Europe’s low-cost airlines to help you get ready for your next vacation, should you decide to hop the pond.

Source: Dom0803 / Wikimedia Commons

1. easyJet

The U.K.’s largest airline, easyJet serves more than 30 countries and generally ranks quite highly with travelers. Though fares on easyJet are a tad higher than other low-cost carriers in the region, you’ll find that you’re often paying for access: Unlike many budget airlines, easyJet typically flies to primary airports in its cities, rather than secondary airports that are often 40-75 minutes outside of a city.

Flies: Throughout the U.K. and between several major European cities; Moscow and various cities in Eastern Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Jordan, and Egypt