Video Games: Could They Actually Be Good for Kids?

video games

There has been a lot of focus on the effects of video games over the year. The topic has become increasingly important in an age where technology is almost everywhere. More and more, children grow up playing in virtual worlds rather than in sand boxes and playgrounds. There’s been a large amount of claims made in the past that video games, especially violent ones, that it can cause major problems in developing minds.

A new study has recently been released that offers a more positive view on the effects of video games. The American Psychological Association announced that its journal, American Psychologist, has published a study from authors at Radboud University that sheds new light on how video games may benefit children.┬áThe article, penned by Isabela Granic, Adam Lobel, and Ruger Engels claims that video games can have positive effects on the “cognitive, motivational, emotional, and social” well being of today’s youth.

“Contrary to conventional beliefs that playing video games is intellectually lazy and sedating, it turns out that laying these games promotes a wide range of cognitive skills,” the study states, notably claiming that “this is particularly true for shooter video games.”