Wal-Mart’s New Shipping Idea is Crazy…Or Is It?

Unlike UPS (NYSE:UPS) or FedEx, who have insured drivers, the legal ramifications from such a program would present Wal-Mart with numerous legal dilemmas, such as theft, fraud, delayed delivery, and so on.

“You are comfortable with a FedEx or UPS truck in your driveway, but what about a stranger knocking on your door?” Nemer pointed out.

Zipments, a crowdsourcing base for delivery services, has been plodding through the red tape since it began. Co-Founder Garrick Pohl said that the company has been more serious about screening drivers, and although thefts and fraud have yet to be a problem, insurance and licenses were an obstacle. Drivers often need personal liability insurance to cover package delivery activities, and cargo insurance is also needed. Zipments self-insures this risk up to $250, but the firm encourages its couriers to buy additional coverage for higher-value packages, Pohl said.

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In some areas, like downtown Chicago, people also need a courier license to deliver things, he added. ”Zipments now helps people get all these things set up before allowing them to deliver goods.”

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