Wall St. Brief: Apple Seeks Its Pound of Flesh, Facebook Builds Up Mobile

On Friday, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) asked Judge Lucy Koh to award an additional $707 million in damages from Samsung (SSNLF.PK). This comes on top of the $1.05 billion awarded by a San Jose jury in August. The company is also asking for a permanent ban on 26 Samsung smartphones (its previous request was eight) and three tablets. Meanwhile, Samsung wants a re-trial and has alleged that the time constraints of the California trial has “prevented Samsung from presenting a full and fair case.”

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In additional Apple news, S&P (NYSE:MHP), the new owner of the DJIA, is considering a change to the way the index is calculated in an effort to include the company. UBS’s Mark Haefele responded, “Most institutional investors have moved on from the index.”  Meanwhile, Kraft (NYSE:KFT) will exit the DJIA on Monday while UnitedHealth (NYSE:UNH) will replace it.

Facing pressure to show its ability to benefit advertisers, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is working with the data-mining company Datalogix to track the number of users who buy a company’s product after seeing its ads on the social network giant. From the 45 campaigns measured, advertisers earned an additional $3 in incremental sales for each dollar spent on Facebook 70 percent of the time. But Datalogix’s techniques have caused privacy concerns.

Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer will hold two meetings on Tuesday with company employees to share her plans for the business,  reported All Things D. These include rising transparency, focusing more on metrics and updating the company’s email and homepage by placing a bigger emphasis on the consumer experience. This will come at the bottom line expense in the short term.

GE (NYSE:GE) will plan to increase revenues from its mining-equipment and services unit to $5 billion, up from $2 billion “within a few years.” Similar to its oil and gas operations, the company will expand GE Mining through acquisitions as mining companies, including BHP (NYSE:BHP) have been cutting back investments on falling commodity prices. GE Mining CEO Geoff Knox said,  “It is a good a time to be looking at acquisitions in a value sense.”

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