What Is This Company Suing Apple Over?


A Texas-based telecommunications company is suing Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) over its use of the call forwarding feature found in its iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S smartphones reports Apple Insider. In its lawsuit that it filed earlier this week, Bluebonnet Telecommunications accuses Apple of infringing on its patent that covers a “Method and apparatus for determining the telephony features assigned to a telephone connected to a central switch.”

Bluebonnet’s patent dates back to 1996 and the company notes in its filing that the infringing features in Apple’s smartphones “have no substantial use other than infringing” the patent. The telecommunications company also accuses Apple of taking “inadequate steps to determine whether it would be infringing the intellectual property rights of others” and being “willfully blind to the existence of the 511 patent.”

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Additionally, Bluebonnet accuses Apple of inducing its users to violate the patent by “providing instructions to their customers that explain how to use the features of the accused devices that are accused of infringement (specifically those features that allow call forwarding and the display of whether the feature is activated); and by touting the accused features of the smartphone.”