What is YouTube’s Goal for LA Production Studio?

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In a studio located in Playa Vista, which is south of Venice and Santa Monica in Los Angeles, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is giving the keys to young, upcoming video producers. Once the location where Howard Hughes built the H4 Hercules, and later where films such as Titanic, Avatar, and Star Trek were partly shot, the studio is now being leased by Google for its YouTube service.

The 41,000 square foot building is now used exclusively to create content for YouTube. Amazingly enough, YouTube doesn’t own the programming made at the studio — the videos made at the studio, which is free for its content creators, is available to those creating the most popular videos on the website. Known as YouTube “content creators,” people such as the Fine Brothers, Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold are using the space to create the next round of popular Internet content.

The Fine Brothers are shooting My Music, a mockumentary similar to the famous This Is Spinal Tap; Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold, two friends in their mid-twenties, recently shot episodes of Video Game High School in which teens fight video-game style. The videos of Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold have been watched 850 million times on YouTube — that’s not a typo.