What Stunt Did Nokia’s CEO Pull on Live TV?

icefireNokia (NYSE:NOK) CEO Stephen Elop created some free buzz for Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 928 phone with a histrionic display of iPhone disdain when he tossed an interviewer’s offending device on the ground during an interview on Finnish TV.

The incident occurred when the interviewer persistently asked Nokia’s CEO to reveal details about Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 928 device. In what most commentators have deemed to be a staged exchange, Elop tries to repeatedly promote the Lumia 620, a lower-priced Windows Phone device that debuted earlier this year. As reported by CNET, after the interviewer pulls his iPhone out, Elop says “Oh, how embarrassing.”

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Then the interviewer admits that he doesn’t want the iPhone, but would instead like to try the Nokia 928. At that point the Nokia CEO grabs the iPhone and throws it on the floor, saying “I’ll take care of that.”

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