What’s Holding Up Apple’s TV?

The much-rumored Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) television set has not arrived yet because of suppliers’ challenges in manufacturing IGZO LCD panels for the device, according to Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster. Other reports have earlier blamed the problems in finalizing content deals for the delay.

What Caused the Delay in Apple TV Availability?

Munster, who was speaking at Business Insider’s Ignition conference, said that Apple didn’t release the device this year, as had been previously predicted, because it wasn’t happy with the screen. The analysts’ Asian supply chain sources said that Apple had requested an indium gallium zinc oxide, or IGZO, screen, but manufacturers struggled with creating the specific display for a large device.

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The analyst added that it would take close to another year for the hardware issues to be sorted out and for the device to reach mass-production levels. However, once it does, it will have fairly standout features, including a simplified interface that fixes remote control issues, unified control of TV-connected devices, voice-enabled control, an app store, games, and the FaceTime video conferencing feature. It may not have a la carte channels that let viewers subscribe to specific programming.

The device will be priced between $1,500 and $2,000, according to Munster, and arrive in the second half of 2013.

What Does This Mean for Apple?

The television is a device that several analysts and investors in Apple have pegged high hopes on for the future, even though the company has officially never mentioned that it was working on developing one. A complete year’s wait will not please watchers, who would’ve hoped for an upside from sales of the product in the just-started fiscal year. However, as the predicted launch gets closer and more details begin emerging, the excitement should prove to be a positive catalyst for the stock. It also holds long-term growth potential.

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