What’s the Deal, PC? Tablets Got Your Sales?

HP (NYSE:HPQ) and Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), being the frontrunners of the U.S. market, were perhaps the hardest hit by the declines. Dell slipped 14.4 percent, with shipments dropping from 3.59 million to 3.07 million and its market share sagging slightly to 21.7 percent. HP took a major blow from its 22.9 percent decline, seeing its market share drop by 3.4 percent to 25.1 percent. HP’s shipments fell from 4.63 million units to 3.57 million units.

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Trailing at fifth, Lenovo actually managed to defy the trend in the U.S., seeing its shipments grow by 13 percent and its market share jump from 6.9 percent to 9 percent — putting it near a tie with Toshiba, which held fourth.

One bit of trouble comes from Gartner’s results for the same quarter, which don’t exactly match up with IDC’s, particularly in relation to Apple. Compared to IDC’s results, Gartner showed similar falls in shipments and market share for HP and Dell in the U.S. market. The figures on Toshiba and Lenovo were also a near match. The total global figure from Gartner showed an 11.2 percent decline to 79.2 million units…