What’s With Apple’s Strange Un-Retirement Case?

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) former hardware chief Bob Mansfield has stuck around at the company despite having resigned from his position this summer, and according to one report, the incident reveals some confusion in the iPhone maker’s top management.

According to a Bloomberg article taking a look back at Apple’s year without late co-founder Steve Jobs, after Mansfield retired in June, some of the company’s top engineers approached current chief executive Tim Cook to say they did not believe Mansfield’s replacement, Dan Riccio, was ready for the important role. Cook responded by offering Mansfield a generous package of cash payments and stock worth around $2 million a month to stay on at Apple as an adviser and to help manage the hardware engineering team. Mansfield had been with Apple since 1999 and took on the chief hardware role in 2010. Bloomberg calls the incident a “resurrection.”

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When Apple announced Mansfield’s retirement in June, it had said the transition to Riccio would take place over “several” months.

The article adds that Cook also offered other members of executive team huge bonuses, reportedly worth $100 million in total, to convince them to stay on at Apple. He has also been involved in mediating in some internal infighting.

“Because of its size and a few key personalities, there’s more organizational infighting than is healthy,” says Brett Halle, a 21-year Apple veteran who left earlier this year, told Bloomberg. “It needs to be brought into check.”

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