Which Company Is Microsoft Betting On To Reverse Its Fortunes?

“HTC is important to Microsoft because they put together one beautiful smartphone and when you have that kind of DNA, you have a company that can boost general acceptance and market share,” said IDC analyst Ramon Llamas to Bloomberg. “If you want bigger market share, getting multiple vendors is the name of the game.”

But HTC is not the only company boasting a Windows Phone 8. Last year, Nokia (NYSE:NOK) adopted the Windows operating system in exchange for marketing and development funds, and while the company has subsequently posted six straight quarterly losses totaling $6.3 billion, the manufacturer told Bloomberg that the deal with Microsoft has allowed “Nokia to offer truly differentiated products.”

Now Nokia may be set to forge an even closer relationship with the software developer. As Digitimes reported on Tuesday, Taiwan-based supply chain makers have told the publication that Nokia has resumed development of a 10-inch Windows RT tablet, which could be unveiled at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in February.

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