Whirlpool Earnings Call Insights: Regional Price Mixes and Brazil Outlook

Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE:WHR) recently reported its second quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Regional Price Mixes

Sam Darkatsh – Raymond James & Associates, Inc.: Two primary questions. I’ll make them brief. First, it would appear, at least, in the second quarter, Jeff, that your price mix specifically in North America and Latin America was down a few percentage points. Could you talk about that specifically in terms of how much was price and how much was mix and then in the second half, it looks like expecting price mix to be up about 0.5 point, which suggest that it’s going to sequentially improve pretty meaningfully. Could you talk about that, if you could, and then I have a quick follow-up?

Jeff M. Fettig – Chairman and CEO: Yeah. Sam. We would be happy to on some of their reports. I think there is some confusion out there on that. Let’s first off, let Larry talk about globally and then Marc and Mike specifically talk about (LAR) and we’re very pleased with where we are especially.

Larry Venturelli – EVP and CFO: Let me talk about the margin improvement in the Company. So, both, we have both revenue and margin expansions in Q2 very important. If you look at the drivers at the margin for the profit improvement, we were up 2 points, restructuring was about 1 point, productivity was about 2 points and that was offset by about 0.5 point of material cost inflation expect. Price/mix at the margin held up very well globally.

Sam Darkatsh – Raymond James & Associates, Inc.: North America?

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