Why Did Warner Bros. Oust Its Successful Film Chief?


It might seem strange that the man who partly oversaw the enormous success of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and Man of Steel is being replaced at Time Warner Inc.’s (NYSE:TWX) Warner Bros. Studios. However, in a memo distributed by Chairman Barry Meyer and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Tsujihara, it was announced that Jeff Robinov is out as Warner Bros. film chief.

Robinov had held the position as film chief since 2007 and will be replaced by a team of three people composed of production president Greg Silverman, marketing chief Sue Kroll, and New Line chief  Toby Emmerich. Following the move, Silverman and Kroll were given new titles. Silverman will be the president of creative development and worldwide production while Kroll will be the president of worldwide marketing and international distribution.

Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution, will continue to report to Tsujihara while Veronika Kwan Vandenberg will continue to serve as president of international distribution. Vandenberg will likely take over domestic distribution after the planned retirement of Fellman.