Why This Journalist Thinks Google Glass Is ‘Doomed’


Famed tech journalist and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Glass pilot Robert Scoble said in a tongue-in-cheek post on his blog that Google Glass is “doomed,” at least for 2014.

Scoble is making fun of the melodramatic tech press with the headline “Google Glass is doomed,” but with his eight months of experience testing out the headset, he has some convincing arguments as to why Google Glass won’t be a success when it’s first launched commercially this year.

One reason is price. Google Glass will probably retail for around $500 and will take a couple of hours of training from a Google employee to learn how to use. That’s a pretty steep price for something that can’t stand in as a replacement for a smartphone quite yet.

The lack of apps available for Glass was another big reason why Scoble doesn’t think the device can be a success so soon. Google needs to prove to app developers that it’s worth their time to design for Glass, and that hasn’t happened yet. Scoble pointed to the horrible quality of Glass’s Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) app as one big roadblock for the device. “Facebook is our main addiction and I can’t do it in Glass,” Scoble writes.