Will Apple Be Forced to Spill These Secrets?

Samsung specifically wanted to see which patents were included in the agreement, since it believes the list may have the “bounce back” and “scrolling and zooming” patents, both used against it by the iPhone maker in their San Jose jury trial. Post-trial proceedings in that case will begin on Thursday, with Apple seeking a ban on eight devices belonging to the Korean company and the latter trying to get the whole trial thrown out.

“This license has direct bearing on the question of irreparable harm and whether monetary remedies are adequate,” a Samsung lawyer wrote in the company’s request, according to CNET.

What Could This Mean for Apple?

Apple will not be pleased by the ruling, as the HTC agreement details could possibly hold ammunition that Samsung can then use to resist sales injunctions, or at worst for the iPhone maker, overthrow the jury decision that found the Korean company guilty of patent violation.

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