Will Apple’s Dividend Grow in 2013?

Money PlantApple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may have disappointed some of its investors last month by not issuing a special dividend, but according to The Street, the iPhone maker may be looking at giving its shareholders the gift of a dividend hike this year. At the moment, Apple pays a $2.65 quarterly dividend for a 2.02 percent yield.

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“From a financial standpoint, Apple remains in stellar shape,” the article said. “The firm boasts $121 billion in cash and investments, giving it ample wherewithal to keep emphasizing shareholder yield through buybacks and dividends. So far, Apple has managed to avoid the tech sector’s favorite misstep of overpaying for big acquisition targets, an easy trap to fall into for firms with more cash than options. Corporate culture has a lot to do with that, and Apple remains the cash-rich firm that poses least stewardship risk in the sector.”

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