Will BMW and Toyota Team Up Against GM and Ford?

While Lincoln Motor Co. flounders to reclaim its once superior standing in the luxury car market, GM’s (NYSE:GM) Cadillac shows its strength with a new power, but Toyota (NYSE:TM) and BMW have something in the works that could blow Lincoln and Cadillac both out of the water.

Ford and Lincoln

Ford’s (NYSE:F) Lincoln was once a top luxury brand in the U.S., but has fallen in the ranks in recent years. With more competing luxury brands, like Toyota’s Lexus and Volkswagen’s Audi, Lincoln has lost a significant amount of sales. Recently, Ford has been engaged in re-branding Lincoln, investing $1 billion in the brand, coming out with a new lineup of models, and pushing a new ad campaign. Lincoln sales only reached 82,510 vehicles for 2012 compared to 231,660 in 1990.

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GM and Cadillac

Ford isn’t alone in trying to do something new with its luxury brand. GM showed a new lineup of its luxury Cadillac brand, and one model stood out a little more than the rest. The Cadillac ELR coupe is a slightly reshaped model that fits in next to the other new models, but features the Chevrolet Volt’s hybrid technology, making it a green luxury machine. The price tag will be high, but GM doesn’t intend to produce a lot of this model…