Will China Ever Stop Slamming Apple?

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) struggle with Chinese authorities may be just beginning, as another slam against the iPhone maker makes it clear the government is serious about knocking Apple down a peg.

The Chinese communist party had already run several campaigns on China Central Television and in the People’s Daily newspaper to damage Apple’s reputation in the country. Though the broadcasts may not have been completely successful — as some met with backlash from Apple fans within the country –the efforts haven’t ended.

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The party’s most recent campaign includes a directive for Apple that reads like a warning of “strengthened supervision” in China. With China being the largest smartphone market in the world and Apple’s second largest market, increased supervision — or really any changes to the way Apple can operate — could profoundly affect Apple’s business success in the country.

Further complicating the situation is China’s largest mobile carrier, China Mobile (NYSE:CHL). The carrier holds a majority of the Chinese wireless market, and the iPhone has been a selling point for the company, but it hasn’t been as strong a selling point as it may have been for competing companies. The difference lies in technology…

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