Will Dell and Oracle Be Strong Buddies?

After one big breakup, a new romance has kindled, as Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) and Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) have formed a partnerships to help each other where they have been struggling.

Oracle previously had a tight relationship with Hewlett-Packward (NYSE:HPQ) — the world’s biggest PC maker — but that relationship went south when Oracle announced its ambition to acquire a different hardware company. Because HP is a hardware company, Oracle’s acquisition would put the companies at odds and into competition.

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In 2010, Oracle went ahead with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. It paid $7.5 billion to get the hardware maker. On top of that, it quickly soured the partnership with HP. And on top of that, after Mark Hurd was removed from his role as chief executive officer of HP, Oracle hired him. And to top it all off, Oracle also decided to neglect HP’s machine by not supplying some of its servers with database software.