Will iPhone 5S Motion Sensor Problems Throw Apple Off Balance?

Source: Apple.comWhen Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) unveiled its new flagship iPhone 5S last month, one of the device’s most vaunted features was its ability to optimize its operation based on motion data that it receives from its gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer. However, recent tests conducted by Gizmodo appeared to demonstrate that many of the motion sensors in Apple’s iPhone 5S are improperly calibrated.

When compared to a physical level, the readings from the iPhone 5S internal inclinometer were off by 2 to 3 degrees. Similarly, Gizmodo found that the iPhone 5S gyroscope readings appeared to be off by 3 degrees.

Not only did the readings from the iPhone 5S fail to match up to the physical level, the iPhone 5S readings also contradicted readings given by the iPhone 5. As noted by Gizmodo, this discrepancy can affect the quality of gameplay for video games that rely on this motion data to interpret user input.