Will Marissa Mayer’s Strategy Shake Things Up at Yahoo?

Marissa Mayer held the floor at several points of the past week. Between a Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) earnings call, her speech at the Great Place to Work conference, and the announcement Yahoo was shaking up its product list, the company’s chief executive had the chance to speak her peace and made it clear she’s sticking with her strategy.

That strategy involves cutting several services while introducing new products aimed at changing the company’s image. As for Yahoo products on the chopping block, they include an events calendar, a coupon site, the Yahoo Kids program and mobile apps for its email and messenger services. All in all, analysts consider these products worthy of their fate.

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On the new product front, observers are curious to see how the Yahoo Weather for iPhone and, to a lesser extent, Yahoo Mail for iPad apps perform. Mayer noted that her goal is to give customers “something that you really love” in hopes they’ll give other products in the Yahoo fold a chance. Overall, it seems the only way to go for the company as it tries to claw its way back in both earnings and overall company perception. On the latter topic, Yahoo’s chief executive spoke for the first time publicly on her controversial “back to the office” call for a small segment of company employees…

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