Will Starbucks Do For Wine What it Did for Coffee?

But the caffeine-culture that’s fostered at Starbucks during the day doesn’t necessarily translate into sales traffic in the evening. During the day, Starbucks is a place to refuel, get work done, or enjoy a break. During the evening, customers are not looking for the same atmosphere.

Enter Starbucks Evenings, designed to change the mood of America’s top coffee spot as soon as the clock hits 4 PM.

Two things top Starbucks’ priority list: customer experience, and brand. According to Interbrand, Starbucks is the 88th most valuable brand in the world, growing 11 percent this year to a value just over $4 billion. Its continued and rapid growth demonstrates that, to date, the initiatives it has taken have done nothing but enhance its image and improve customer experience.

However, nothing it has done so far has been as far removed from coffee as beer and wine.

On its Evenings page, Starbucks poses the frequently asked question: “How will the environment be different?”

It answers its own question: “We will still be your neighborhood gathering place with an inviting atmosphere for people of all ages. After 4 p.m., you’ll experience a more mellow, less hurried atmosphere perfect for winding down and having casual conversations.”

It’s about as big of a step that Starbucks could take without jeopardizing its core aesthetic. It will be interesting to see how the brand evolves along with its new menu, and to see if the win and beer industry change along with it.

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