Will the FTC Pull Back on Facebook’s Privacy Power?


Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) made headlines late last week when it proposed a rewrite of some of its legal documents regarding user privacy and advertising rights. The proposition came in the wake of a bitter lawsuit that the social network only recently found its way out of after two years. But now that the company claims it wants to clarify its policies and practices to ensure its millions of “friends” know exactly what they’re getting themselves into when they sign up for the social media site, certain privacy groups are ready to get involved.

According to Bloomberg, privacy groups are asking the Federal Trade Commission to keep Facebook from revamping its data use policies. Though Facebook maintains that no policy changes will be made with the rewrite — just merely clarified — the groups believe the update will ultimately violate the company’s policies and what terms they agreed to with the FTC.

Officials at six groups, including the Electronic Privacy Information Center, signed a letter that was sent to the agency Wednesday. The letter, according to Bloomberg, reads: ”The Federal Trade Commission must act now to protect the interests of Facebook users. The right of the person to control the use of their image for commercial purposes is the cornerstone of modern privacy law.”