Will Windows 8 Win Over Skeptics?

Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) 40 million sales with Windows 8 sure make it look like a promising new OS, but there is still skepticism on multiple fronts.

The 40 million sales come in just the first month, with 4 million in the first weekend, but these may not all be end-user sales, and even then, not all purchases have necessarily been installed on devices. At $40 — less than some popular video games — the new OS might look like a no-brainer purchase to users who can then wait for reviews to see if it’s worth installing.

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On the business end, Gartner’s Michael Silver believes many organizations will be hesitant to adopt Windows 8. With many organizations having only recently made the move to Windows 7, it would seem too much hassle to move over to the new, trendy-looking OS so soon. Gartner predicts only 20 percent of corporations will switch to Windows 8 by 2015.

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