With This Acquisition, Microsoft Invests in the Future of Technology

Whether or not Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) were still interested in the acquisition, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) stepped ahead of other potential buyers and acquired id8 Group R2 studios to expand the scope of the company’s technology.

R2 studios’ technologies allow for what could essentially be described as from-anywhere remote controls, but not just remote controls for TVs. The technology can allow for the remote control of various devices, such as lighting and air conditioning. Some access to the technology has been offered in Google’s Android app store so that users can control electronics in their homes from wherever they are using their smartphones.

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Microsoft’s acquisition of R2 gives it access to a technology that could spread its dominion. If Microsoft was previously limited to the office or computer room, the Xbox paved the way into the living room, and the Windows Phone offered a path to almost anywhere. Home automation technology would allow Microsoft to become thoroughly embedded in users’ homes, offering those users enhanced control of their surroundings and a unique experience in the combination of their own home utilities and computer-based media, like movies and games.

Little information is available on Microsoft’s acquisition, and the purchase price has not yet been announced. Just what Microsoft will do with R2 studios is also uncertain, but the acquisition will likely help keep Microsoft move out ahead of the likes of Apple and Google in the home automation race.

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