Workers to Apple Store: Pay Us What We Are Owed

courtroomApple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been hit with a class action lawsuit from an Apple Store employee who alleges that the iPhone maker owes many of its workers overtime wages for off-the-clock time spent undergoing security checks and waiting in long clock-in lines, reports Law 360. Taylor Kalin, who worked as a full-time nonexempt Apple specialist at stores in San Francisco and Spokane, filed the class action lawsuit on behalf of himself and all nonexempt hourly workers.

According to the filed complaint via Patently Apple, “Plaintiff and other Hourly Employees were and are required to wait in line for security checks for at least 10-15 minutes each day before leaving for their meal breaks and at the end of their shift after they had already clocked out. This daily 10-15 minute uncompensated waiting time during security checks was done in order to undergo searches for possible contraband and/or pilferage of inventory.”

Besides being subjected to off-the-clock searches, the lawsuit also noted that employees often have to spend 15 minutes or more waiting in line each time they clock in. On launch days, this waiting period could last over 30 minutes.