Xilinx Earnings Call Nuggets: Last Quarter’s Push-outs and End Market Visibility

Xilinx Inc (NASDAQ:XLNX) recently reported its third quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Last Quarter’s Push-outs

Sameer Kalucha – JPMorgan: Hi. This is Sameer Kalucha calling in for Chris Danely. I had a question on the communication side of things. Given you experienced some push-outs in the December quarter, how are you thinking about the March quarter? Do you think there’s a possibility of something similar happening or you’re confident that whatever happened is behind us?

Jon Olson – SVP and CFO: Let me take that one. The world is still pretty choppy out there for us. But we are certainly seeing signs of improvement. So for example, we’re starting to see the beginning of what people have called the fixed phase in China of the TD-SCDMA, so 3G additional base station deployment and we believe we’re starting to shift some units, certainly not at the full level at this point in time, but some units into that particular ramp. So, that gives us a positive view of the world. Also I think most of what — much of what we saw in this quarter was a combination of some sluggishness by large communications customers in terms of their end demand and also some inventory correction. I would anticipate the inventory correction aspect of that to be – have worked throughout this past quarter, the December quarter and therefore, we’ll be moving back more towards I’d say traditional end market sales in that area. So, those two things together make me feel relatively confident that comps should be moving up and we’re kind of behind – the worse of it is behind us, but anytime someone tries to call the bottom, they’re usually wrong. So, I’ll give myself a little bit of an out there.

Sameer Kalucha – JPMorgan: Then, just a little color on how you’re thinking on the 28-nanometer ramp this calendar year going forward?

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