Yahoo’s Mayer Cleans Things Up

In her continued efforts to re-power Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO), CEO Marissa Mayer sees the homepage renovated to offer a simpler, more viewer-friendly experience — a move which may help the company start pulling in more display ad revenue soon.

In recent years, Yahoo has seen some of its competitors soar past — as Yahoo’s share of display ad revenue dropped from a front-running 15.5 percent to a more modest 8.4 percent, Google jumped to 41 percent. However, Yahoo is not dying. It still has more than 700 million monthly visitors and is one of the most-visited sites on the web, so small changes could have significant impacts.

It may have been no stretch to say that Yahoo’s old homepage design was cluttered, and Mayer would likely agree. Mayer has been credited for Google’s clean and simple look, and she’s brought that touch to the new Yahoo homepage.

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Her emphasis in the company seems to be on streamlining and simplifying. A recent endeavor was to trim down the company’s smartphone app portfolio from nearly 75 down to just over a dozen, which shows her emphasis on keeping things simple and user-friendly…

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