11 New Video Game IPs Revealed at E3 2014

Game announcements heated up before E3 2014, giving us a taste of demos to come once the event kicked off. However, there were many games kept under lock and key until the event began. Journalists speculated on sequels, prequels, and what was next for such-and-such game company. But whispers and teases of still more games yet to be revealed continued to elude reporters — games that even the most imaginative journalists couldn’t dream up.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo excited us with returns of our favorite characters in our favorite series, but also introduced new characters and worlds to get excited about at E3. Most of these new intellectual properties (IPs) came in the form of indie titles (one of them released the day of the Sony conference), but a few potential blockbusters were in the crowd. Here are the games that came without warning to the E3 show floor: the new IPs.


From developer Playdead of Limbo fame, Inside replicates the same dark, mysterious quality of its older sibling. You play as a boy wandering a futuristic looking dystopian environment, all while avoiding detection. The gameplay revealed in the trailer is reminiscent of Limbo, being a side-scrolling platformer. However, Inside seems to have more 3D elements to its environment. The game is set to debut on Xbox One early 2015.