12 Video Games You Can Beat in One Afternoon

playstation 4

Source: Sony


Game console collecting dust? Or has it simply been assigned as the dedicated Netflix machine? Video games are an expensive and time-consuming hobby. When there are things like work, school, and kids to think about, it’s hard enough to eek out a little “you” time. Gone are the days when you could sit down and binge on one game. You may not have 20-plus hours to dedicate yourself to a game like Skyrim or GTA V, but chances are that you have at least three or four hours of wiggle room.

Digital marketplaces like Steam, PSN, and Xbox are quickly becoming the place for video game transactions. These new outlets allow smaller titles that wouldn’t be cost effective to release on brick-and-mortar retail shelves into the mainstream market.

These games usually cost anywhere between $5 to $20, so your budget won’t suffer. But the best part is you can finish them in an afternoon (three to five hours), without worrying when you’re going to find the time to pick up the controller again. It’ll be like you’re just sitting down to watch a Lord of the Rings movie (an extended edition, that is). Here’s our list of 12 games you can complete in one afternoon.